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Hi, I’m Jonathan Smith (aka “The Registry Guy”). I’m a professional registry agent with over 9 years of experience helping 1000s of Ontario entrepreneurs incorporate their business in Ontario.

If you need help finding the perfect name for your business, are wondering how to get started, or if you’re ready to take the next step and launch your business, book a free consultation with me today.

Jonathan Smith

aka "The Registry Guy"

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I have been using John for several years now. He is incredibly professional and has always catered to my needs in a timely manner. I cannot say enough about the level of competent service he provides. He is responsive and always gets the job done at a very high level.

Peter Armanious

A fantastic organization! Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. Jonathan was extremely helpful. really informed and would go the extra mile at every stage. The service is smooth and straightforward.

Sara Nakh

I’ve registered my businesses by Jonathan and he is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He helped me so many times and every time I emailed him for my problems, in no time I had my answers by him.

Susan Sh.